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Sexuality should be label free.
Your sexual self is a cornerstone of who you are.

Ann Marie specialises in emotional and sexual wellbeing for both couples and singles. Your experience and preferences are unique to you, and that’s where the exploration starts.

Our existence is borne out of sex and our identity is shaped by our sexuality. Neglecting our sexual reality damages the relationship we have with ourselves as well as our relationships with others.

Ann Marie helps you to talk openly about how gender, culture, history, relationship dynamics and sex affect you. We are experiencing major changes in how we relate to each other and communicate. The natural art of seduction is complicated by technology. Ideas of beauty, attraction, pleasure and success are manipulated by social forces; the media, politics and economics. All of these outside influences distract us from ourselves and from the people we are with. Knowing what it is that we genuinely find pleasing and satisfying becomes difficult to discover.

Life and Relationship Therapy with Ann Marie will help you to understand the thoughts and feelings that you have around sex and your sexuality. She will support you in finding the language and skill to express yourself meaningfully in relationships.

How we fulfil all our relationship needs is also evolving rapidly. Some individuals hope that one relationship will meet all their needs while others reach out in a variety of ways to satisfy different needs. The changing nature of life brings with it unpredictability and challenge. How we experience ourselves sexually is a life long process that once embraced fully brings joy and energy to all aspects of living, at any age.

Whatever your circumstances or sexual orientation, Ann Marie’s expertise and creativity will enable you to achieve deeper, more fulfilling connections.
Discovering more about yourself, your life and your relationship requires courage, imagination and curiosity. Your relationship with yourself and others is enhanced when you are open to discovering more of your own potential, seeing new perspectives and exploring opportunities for growth. This openness can lead to new ways of experiencing what is already known and reveal the unknown.

Ann Marie is experienced in diversity of lifestyle and sex positive practices and is skilled in providing a safe environment, therapeutic support and sensitive coaching for sexual exploration.
Sexual empowerment is a process that helps you to build self-esteem, confidence and joy; enabling greater awareness and sexual fulfilment which in turn supports satisfaction in life and the ability to appreciate beauty. Sometimes however, irrespective of your circumstances or your sexual orientation, life and relationships can become complicated and difficult to manage, process and understand.

Whatever your current circumstance, wherever you find yourself at this point in your journey, as an individual, a couple or a group, Ann Marie’s expertise will enable you to explore, feel more empowered, and achieve deeper, more fulfilling connections.

On occasion Ann Marie works alongside her husband jointly offering relationship coaching and workshops.