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Ann Marie’s integrative approach to therapy & coaching is rooted in Gestalt psychology.  It is fresh & creative.
As individuals we are constantly making ‘meaning’ from the everyday chaos of our lives & how we do this shapes our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
Ann Marie’s warm and natural style creates an environment and relationship in which you can explore and discover a better understanding of what is going on inside and outside your experience. Her professional guidance and support will steer you while you learn to recognise choices in the way that you are living your life.

Ann Marie works with all aspects of a person in relation to their environment – past, present and future: recognising that everything is interconnected.  She will support you in understanding the ‘whole’ of your experience through attending to the individual ‘parts’ of it.

Communication skills are developed as you learn how to be more of yourself in life and relationships. Strategies that improve wellbeing and resilience are introduced as you explore alternative ways of ‘being’ that promote positive change. As you do this, transformations of your relationship with yourself and others become possible.