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Every journey is different.
Finding a way that works for you & your relationships is a practiced art just as much as it is a science.
Ann Marie is skilled in applying and moulding a range of techniques to best suit her clients and their journeys; the experience is bespoke to each individual, couple, family and group.

Ann Marie’s work with individuals, couples, families and groups is relational and experiential. She utilises the principles of Gestalt, Neurobiology, Appreciative Inquiry, Non-Violent Communication and body work to support individuals in getting to know themselves and each other better; becoming more honest about their thoughts, feelings and experiences, and sharing this information in their relationships.

Emotional intelligence develops which in turn improves emotional and sexual intimacy. Increased personal fulfilment and satisfaction in your relationship is experienced through the commitment to and effort made during the therapy.

Ann Marie provides a supportive, confidential and non-judgemental environment where you can discover and express more of yourself. She will support each individual as well as the relationship. Ann Marie’s role is to create and maintain a safe space for effective communication. You may be experiencing a few difficulties in response to certain situations or simply wish to develop your relationship.

Individual, Couple and Sex Therapy enable you to improve your relationship so that it provides an environment in which you thrive as individuals and prosper in partnership.