“There is no right or wrong with who you are, it’s self-awareness & acceptance that is key.”

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About Ann Marie Clarke

Ann Marie is passionate about health and relationships; between individuals, with ourselves and our environment. Her mission is to improve quality of life. Ann Marie BSc, RGN, is a UKCP and EAIP registered psychotherapist. Ann Marie was one of Jersey’s first life and relationship psychotherapists, paving the way and providing training for other members of the industry. With significant breadth and depth of expertise across client types, client goals, and the methodologies employed to attain them, Ann Marie leads the profession.Read More


Ann Marie provides a supportive, confidential and non-judgemental environment where you can discover and express more of yourself. She will support each individual as well as the relationship. Read More

Every day we have the opportunity to recreate our lives and relationships; to become more of who we believe we are or aspire to be. We can improve our knowledge, awareness and relationship with ourselves and use this information to support our relationships. We can become more effective in all areas of our life. Read More

An individual’s emotional, psychological & sexual wellbeing is now appreciated to share equal importance with that of one’s physical wellbeing. Understanding & accepting who, & why, we are provides us with the confidence & perspective to achieve true success in relationships & life.
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Our existence is borne out of sex and our identity is shaped by our sexuality. Neglecting our sexual reality damages the relationship we have with ourselves as well as our relationships with others. Read More