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Ann Marie is passionate about health & relationships; between individuals, with ourselves & our environment.
Her mission is to improve quality of life.

Ann Marie BSc, RGN, is a UKCP and EAIP registered psychotherapist. Ann Marie was one of Jersey’s first life & relationship psychotherapists, paving the way and providing training for other members of the industry. With significant breadth and depth of expertise across client types, client goals, and the methodologies employed to attain them, Ann Marie leads the profession in her ability to help her clients properly understand themselves, and then help them be the best and most fulfilled that they can be.

Ann Marie began her career as a Nurse in Guy’s Hospital, London and went on to work in Accident and Emergency, the private and voluntary sectors, Occupational Health and Sexual Health.

Working holistically inspired Ann Marie to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist offering a relational approach to therapy. Initially she worked as a therapist in private practice and a GP practice before moving with her family to Jersey. Here Ann Marie developed a thriving independent psychotherapy service at the Lido Medical Centre, St Helier. In order to improve accessibility to the ‘Talking Therapies’ and to establish a therapeutic community, Ann Marie went on to facilitate a Diploma training in Integrative Psychotherapy for other local professionals.

Discovering new perspectives, realities and experiences, Ann Marie’s on-going personal and professional development has supported the expansion of her practice to include couple and sex therapy.