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Accentuate the positive.
You’re good – let’s make you even better.
Increasing your awareness of why you think, feel and behave the way you do, so that you can learn to be more yourself in life, and more successful in your endeavours and relationships.

Every day we have the opportunity to recreate our lives and relationships; to become more of who we believe we are or aspire to be. We can improve our knowledge, awareness and relationship with ourselves and use this information to support our relationships. We can become more effective in all areas of our life. Doing so deliberately requires courage and commitment. Ann Marie offers the professional guidance that makes it easier. She supports lasting change from within. 

Through skilful exploration of where you are now and how you would like your life to develop, Ann Marie will support you in harnessing the power you have to shape every day. She will enable you to recognise the choices you make and rationalise your decision making process. You will discover alternative ways of achieving your goals and strategies to work through difficulties. Where necessary, Ann Marie will offer advise and support to improve wellbeing and develop resilience.

A therapeutic relationship is an ideal environment in which to learn from experience. Everything that happens in your life, and inside the consulting room, is valuable information in the process of self-realisation. The creative and safe space held by Ann Marie provides the opportunity for you to practice the skills required for personal growth and change.  

Through your relationship with Ann Marie you will learn how to be more of yourself both in life and in relationships. In turn you will succeed in getting more out of life and love.